Dating Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Are you thinking about dating tips / dating ideas for your Valentine’s Day? Now is the time to start preparing that romantic date for Valentine’s Day. But what to do that will scream out I love you. The ideas are really endless if you think about it. Not very good at being creative? Don’t worry, this article can make the least creative person look like a romantic pro. Of course you could always go out for dinner but that is so overused. This year go for creative and romantic. Give your loved one a Valentine’s that will have them completely awed.

Valentine's Day - Dating Tips

Massage for Two– A massage for two at a local spa is not only romantic but relaxing. Most spas have discount rates for couples massages. So book an hour or two for you and your partner on Valentine’s Day night and enjoy. If you are on a budget don’t worry. Decorate the living room floor with blankets, pillows, soft music and candles. You can then spend the evening giving each other massages.

Read Poetry– If you don’t have any books on poetry, you can check some out from the library. With the book of poetry and a bottle of wine, spend the evening reading poetry to each other. Just because it is Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean it has to be love poems. It can be any style of poetry that the two of you enjoy.

Bake Cookies Together– Be childish. Be fun loving. For this Valentine’s Day head for the kitchen together and bake up some cookies. Baking cookies may seem kinda childish for Valentine’s Day but it is really romantic. Don’t forget to be childish. Make a mess with it. Be playful with the cookie dough. Remember this is about romance.

Bubble Bath for Two– Leave your loved one a trail of flower petals all the way to the bath room door. Have a hot bubble bath and a bottle of wine waiting. If you like candles, then decorate the bath room in candles and set a warm candle light glow. There is nothing steamer than a bubble bath for two on Valentine’s Day.

You can always go for a twofer and get real creative. Start Valentine’s Day off with baking cookies together followed by a really relaxing bubble bath.

Share a Milkshake– Travel back in time to the old fashioned diner. Sitting at the counter sharing your favorite milkshake with your sweetheart. This is sure to capture your loved ones heart all over again.

Even if you choose to go with something I have not mentioned here, just remember to keep this Valentine’s Day fun loving and romantic. If you are long into your relationship try to recapture old feeling of love. Be your relationship new try to create new memories this year that will last in your hearts forever.


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